We take the risk out of hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator
Fast Service, Really Fast service: Your Job Completed in 48 Hours
Pesticide and Chemically Free   •   60 Day Guarantee to be Bed Bug Free

Bed Bug Exterminators

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The “Bed Bug Guys” offers Heat Treatments, the Pesticide Free Solution to your Bed Bugs

Why You Need to Hire the “Bed Bug Guys”

 Discreet unmarked trucks and uniforms, only you know why we are here
 Professional we Kill all your BED BUGS Guaranteed and that’s all We DO
 Bed Bug Specialist, all we do is Exterminate Bed Bugs
 Longest & Best Guarantees in the entire Industry 60 days to 6 months
 Fast Service, REALLY FAST SERVICE 48 hours or Less
 We Do All the Preparation Work for YOU, eliminating the #1 Cause for Treatment Failure
 Pesticide Free Solution to Bed Bugs, the competition uses PESTICIDES (Nerve Toxin) with all their Heat Treatments, just ask them.. We are still BETTER, WE GUARANTEE IT!
 Highest Success Rate in the entire Industry,; we Guarantee it, with the Longest and Best Warranty in the Entire Industry

Our Warranty takes the risk out of hiring a
Bed Bug Exterminators
Call the “Bed Bug Guys” today 612-267-0335
or visit us at www.thebedbugguys.biz

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