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K-9 Detection of Bed Bugs

Professional inspectors will only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room with an accuracy rate of only about 30%. A Dog’s sense of smell, with 90% accuracy finding activity inside walls, baseboards, even under carpets, a room would have to otherwise be stripped down beyond the bare walls. This helps make your inspection a more thorough and accurate one.

Top 5 Reasons to get a K-9 Bed Bug Inspection

  1. Skin irritations
  2. Bite Marks
  3. Constant itching of skin
  4. See a bug similar to Bed Bugs
  5. Bed Bug signs: Blood stains on Bedding, Small Live Bugs, Eggs, Sheds- exoskeleton of the bed bugs as they molt out of their old body and form new ones

Human Inspection for Bedbugs

Large bedbug infestations may be relatively easy to notice, but due to their small size and ability to hide in small places finding smaller infestations with the naked eye can be difficult! Dogs can be trained to smell bed bugs and discover them hiding in places that are not visible to people. This proves to be invaluable for not only finding the pests, but pinpointing their exact locations which will lead to easier treatments and lower extermination costs!

Bed Bug Guys K-9 Inspection Pricing

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