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Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Preparation for Heat Treatment

“Bed Bug Guys”


Pre-Heat Treatment Preparations:

1. DO NOT REMOVE any items from the infested     room(s) and/or premises except pets, including fish.

2. Unplug personal electronic devices such as televisions, stereos, video players, computers, etc. DO NOT remove them from the area as they may be hiding places for bed bugs. DO NOT unplug refrigerators or freezers.

3. Hang loose clothing on hangers when possible. Any articles of clothing that are not on hangers will be moved, disturbed, or arranged (to allow heat penetration). Clothing in dresser drawers may be left in place.

4. DO NOT remove any thing from areas “To Be Treated”, leave ALL large linens in the treatment areas (towels, blankets, Rugs, etc.). This is the most important step and we need your help on this one.

5. Unlock doors and drawers of furniture and storage in the treatment areas including dressers, nightstands, luggage, etc.

6. Remove pets and fish, but leave their bedding material inside the room.

7. Secure small items such as pictures, paper and nick knacks that may be blown around or damaged by the circulating air of fans. Hanging Pictures and/or Paintings should be secured or removed from the wall and left in the room.

8. Drain waterbeds to allow the bed frame to reach lethal temperatures. Partially deflate airbeds to avoid damage.

9. Heat sensitive items or valuable items to be protected from too much HEAT: Place in clothes bin

 Pets including fish

 House Plants

 Fresh Food such as fruits, vegetables, etc.

 Foods that may melt such as chocolate, candy, etc. (Place in clothes bin)

 Other easily melted materials such as soap, candles, make-up, wax figurines, etc. (Place in clothes bin)

 MEDICATIONS: Prescription and over the counter drugs, supplements, or medicines. (Put in Refrigerator)

 Anything pressurized- aerosol spray cans, oxygen bottles, fire extinguishers, etc. (Place in clothes bin)

 Wooden and stringed musical instruments (place on kitchen table, they need to be treated before removing).

 Family heirlooms, oil paintings, or other irreplaceable items (place on kitchen table, they need to be treated before removing)

Post Treatment: When you come Home, your home will appear ransacked and trashed

1. Allow treated areas to return to normal temperatures before replacing removed items or plugging in electronics.

2. Heat any untreated clothing or linens by placing in dryer on the HIGH temperature setting for 30 minutes or more. This includes clothing worn the day of treatment etc.

3. Vacuum the treated areas including the mattress, box spring, and frame as you see fit. Dispose of the vacuum contents into a SEALED plastic bag and remove from the building.

4. There will be a lot of work to be done when you get home, so be prepared.

With your cooperation we will eliminate this challenging pest from your home.

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Thank you for your help!

Bed Bug Guys beat out Less Effective Heat Treatments


Steam treatment can effectively kill all stages of bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs hide in a diversity of places, making steam treatment very tedious, labor intensive, and time consuming. There is also the risk of the steam not penetrating materials enough to kill hidden bed bugs, even for experienced exterminators. The steam may also damage materials by causing mold from the moisture left behind. Steam requires repetitive and thorough steaming of the mattress, box spring, bed frame, bed covers, pillows, and other materials within the infested room, such as carpets and curtains.

Clothes Dryer

DO NOT USE A WASHING MACHINE FIRST! A clothes dryer can be used for killing bed bugs in clothing and blankets. Place infested clothing and bedding in the dryer for at least 20 minutes on high heat. Remember, sterilized fabrics from the dryer are easily re-infested if they come in contact with an infested mattress, bed frame, or surrounding environment. Continually treating materials in this fashion is labor intensive and does not eliminate the infestation.


Believe it or not, it’s been reported that many people are burning down their homes or even entire apartment buildings using this dangerous method. Watch these Videos below. Watch the News story here