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Taking the Risk Out of Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator

Q.        What’s the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

A.        Hire a Bed Bug Specialist whom only uses HEAT! Someone only doing Bed Bug Exterminating and only uses   HEAT. That’s all they do and they do it better than the others. Furthermore,the Best Exterminators offer You a Guarantee/Warranty.

Q.        Why Heat???

A.        Heat is the safest, fastest and most effective treatment available today. Bed Bugs have developed a very high resistant’s to pesticides but have no Resistance to HEAT. If done properly a Heat Treatment is 100% effective. Also, it is Fast, Safe and Highly Effective for you and your whole family.

Q.        Does any Bed Bug Treatment work every time??

A.      NO. Bed bugs are hardy and the hardest pest to kill in the entire Industry.Bed Bugs’ high resistance to pesticide, their secretive nature and the ability of these pests to live for several months without a blood meal; makes them the hardest pest to kill. (EVER). This means they can linger in furniture, bags and suitcases for a long periods of time, and live up to 18 months without food; YOUR BLOOD. In addition, bed bugs can survive temperatures of below freezing to 122 degrees. Because of this, bed bugs are not a pest that can be treated with DIY measures. Most Professional pest control companies claimInsecticides alone probably won’t work: The EPA Experts (Environmental Protection Agency) states Insecticides alone are unlikely to defeat bedbugs, and recommend Heat as the most effective way to treat an infestation.

Q.         What is the Number #1 cause of a Bed Bug Treatment FAILURE?

A.      Using a Pesticide Treatment for Exterminating Bed Bugs! WHY? Bed Bugs have become Highly Resistant to Pesticides, requiring over 1,000 times more pesticides today to kill a single bed bug than it did 30 years ago. Even Worst, the over the counter pesticides, the DIY chemical treatments,tha you can buy, are not strong enough to kill most Bed Bugs. Recent surveys have shown Chemicals spray treatments have around a 50% success rate after 3 treatments. The U of M Minneapolis Campus Dr. Stephen Kills and the EPA Experts (Environmental Protection Agency) states Insecticides alone are unlikely to defeat bedbugs, and recommend Heat as the most effective way to treat an infestation.

Q.        What is the Number #2 cause of a Bed Bug Treatment FAILURE?

A.        You or Your Tenant not following the Preparations Instructions; not being prepared for the treatment and/or not following Instructions.

Q.        What is the Number #3 cause of a Bed Bug Treatment FAILURE?

A.        Improperly done Treatments by the Licensed Exterminator you hired, usually using pesticides, but sometimes even with Heat Treatments! This includes Incomplete & ImproperHeat Treatments, and Ineffective Chemicals used in treating your Bed Bug Infestation. Hire the Heat Treatment Experts, the “Bed Bug Guys”!!!! We guarantee you will be happy you did.

Q.        What is the most important thingYOU SHOULD KNOW when Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator?

A.        What is the Warranty & Guarantee offered bythat exterminating company?General Industry Standard, there is NO Guarantees/Warranties when Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator!At best, the company will come back to apply a Pesticide spray, ONLY. Why??? Because only the most skilled and qualified exterminators in the Industry offer a guarantee/warranty and will stand behind their work.

Q.         What does a Warranty/Guarantee cover?

A.         Generally they cover the workmanship of the services provided. Some companies have many reason to void the warranty written into the contract in small print. Furthermore, in other situation, the Pest Control Professional does not even return phone calls or emails. Usually most companies will come back and spray a (nerve toxin) pesticide for Free, but charge full price for any Heat Treatments needed after the initial Heat Treatment is performed. I have personally meet many people and had a few customers, whom did not get a warranty/guarantee from the exterminator, then ending up have spent many thousands of dollars and in some cases over $10,000 to get rid of Bed Bugs for Good.

Q.       Is Heat Treatment the Best Treatment for Bed bugs?

A.       YES it is and sometime the only effective treatment, too.Heat is the NEW PESTICIDE,the Achilles heel of all Bed Bugs. Bed bugs have no resistance to Heat, so if the Heat Treatment is done properly and the Bed bug is inside the treated area, they cannot survive. Bed Bugs have become Highly Resistant to Pesticides, require over 1,000 times more pesticides today to kill a single bed bug than it toke 30 years ago; OMG. No treatment in 100% effective in eliminating a Bed bug infestation.

Q.       Why do most companies offer NO Warranty or Guarantee for Bed Bug Exterminating?

A.       No treatment is 100% effective in eliminating a Bed bug infestation; NOT even Heat! WHY??? Because bed bugs could be re-introduced into the treated area, not all infested areas where treated, the Licensed Professional did not do thorough or complete enough Heat Treatment and/or some of these old homes, (built after the 1800’s and before 1920’s) are hard to properly treat with heat.

Bed Bugs are the Hardest Pest to exterminate, and chemical treatment success rates are very low.

Pesticide treatments requires a 3 spray process over many weeks. After the 3rd spray, there is around a 50% success rate nationally, with no guarantee of ever getting rid of Bed bugs. More and more Pest Control companies are not offering any Bed Bug Services, because they cannot effectively get rid of bed bugs.About 20% of all Licensed Exterminators offer any Bed Bug Treatment Services and about 1% of all Licensed Exterminator’s offer Heat Treatments. So go with a Pro

Q.       Why do most Bed Bug Exterminating Companies use a PESTICIDE with all their Heat Treatments?

A. Their LOW Exterminating Success Rate with just a Heat Treatment requires them to use a chemical spray with all their Heat Treatments. Furthermore, they still do not guarantee to Rid you of Bed Bugs for Good.

Q.       Why are more and more Exterminating Companies, not offering Bed Bug Services???

A.       Their Chemical treatments are not working and the Cost of Heating Equipment is tooHigh! Over $100,000 for the best equipment on the market.

Q.        How much does a Heat Treatment Cost??

A.        Local Prices start out at around $800 to $1,200 minimum charge and goes up from there. Sometimes costing over $3,000 to $5,000 for huge houses or several units in an apartment.

Q.       How much does Heating Equipment Cost??

A.       The Best Heating Systems Packages are Electric systems costing over $100,000 while the cheapest systems start out at just a few thousand dollars. These cheap systems usually consist of 1 to 4 Heaters, sometimes using highly Flammable Gases as a heating source. These small Heating systems can only effectively Heat up small areas at a time. Thus requiring the exterminator to spend many hours, up to 24 hours to complete a single heat treatment.

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  2. Does it matter whom I hire??

YES, because the overall success Rates of Bed Bug Treatments are very low, very few if any companies guarantee/ warranty their treatments.
Not all companies have the same success rates. Success ratesvery greatly from company to company and from method (chemical vs Heat) to method and one companies Heat Treatment Process vs another companies Heat Treatment Process. No method works every time, I am sorry to say. That is why you want and need a guarantee/warranty.