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Bed Bug Treatments that Fail again

People looking to get rid of bed bugs could end up with a fire hazard on their hands. The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that about 9,000 PackTite Bed Bug Heating units pose a risk and should be returned. Read the rest of the article by clicking here. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/consumer&id=9356771 If the Heat Treatment is not applied properly even by a licensed Exterminator, it will fail or worse, start a fire. This is why you want to HIRE the “Bed Bug...

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75 per cent of Bed Bug outbreaks in the United States occur in hotels or motels

Studies show that 23 per cent of people who have traveled within the U.S. have dealt with bed bugs and 43 per cent of people that have traveled internationally have had bed bugs. According to a 2013 bed bug survey by the National Pest Management Association, 75 per cent of outbreaks in the United States occur in hotels or motels, and 21 per cent occur on airplanes, buses and trains. Why Hire the Bed Bug Guys Highest Success Rate in the Industry Longest and Best Guarantee Fast Service, Really Fast Service Discreet & Professional Pesticide Free Solution to Bed Bugs We do all the Preparation work for you Bed Bug...

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Bed Bug Exterminators

The “Bed Bug Guys” offers Heat Treatments, the Pesticide Free Solution to your Bed Bugs Why You Need to Hire the “Bed Bug Guys”  Discreet unmarked trucks and uniforms, only you know why we are here  Professional we Kill all your BED BUGS Guaranteed and that’s all We DO  Bed Bug Specialist, all we do is Exterminate Bed Bugs  Longest & Best Guarantees in the entire Industry 60 days to 6 months  Fast Service, REALLY FAST SERVICE 48 hours or Less  We Do All the Preparation Work for YOU, eliminating the #1 Cause for Treatment Failure  Pesticide Free Solution to Bed Bugs, the competition uses PESTICIDES (Nerve Toxin) with all their Heat Treatments, just ask them.. We are still BETTER, WE GUARANTEE IT!  Highest Success Rate in the entire Industry,; we Guarantee it, with the Longest and Best Warranty in the Entire Industry Our Warranty takes the risk out of hiring a Bed Bug Exterminators Call the “Bed Bug Guys” today 612-267-0335 or visit us at...

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