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Heat Treament for Bed Bugs

Why Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs are so effective: Bed bugs infestations are the hardest pest to exterminate and one of the worst infestations that your family could have. Many Bedbug Exterminators use only chemicals that are expensive and don’t work well. Bed bug bites are irritating and even can be dangerous. They can also be difficult to treat because they are so difficult to find and have a super high resistance to pesticdes. Bed bugs like to hide in unseen spots- like the seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, in the folds of curtains, in bed frames and box springs. They are also known to hide in drawer joints, electrical receptacles and appliances, under loose wall paper and wall hangings, and in corners of rooms. Most chemical treatments need to be applied in direct contact with bed bugs to kill them. Also, most pesticides in chemical treatments cannot kill bed bug eggs effectively and sometimes can not kill bedbugs either, and that is why many pest control companies that use pesticide to treat bed bugs have to come back every few weeks to re-apply pesticides. And who wants harmful pesticides in your house? Our Heat Treatment method by your Heat Treatment Expert, is the most effective way to treat bed bugs. We use electric heat, to heat the house to 135 degrees for hours. We use fans to make the house like a convection oven to get Heat into all the crevices that bed bugs hide in. The heat penetrates deep into walls, bedding, and clothes. Other companies doing heat treatments do such a poor job that they need to use pesticides with all their Heat Treatments. Bed Bug guys, avoid this by doing a thorough job with heating. We make sure to heat all parts of the house properly and thoroughly. We also avoid the dangerous gas heating methods other companies use.  Some companies use gas powered heating equipment, which is ILLEAGAL to leave the fuel tank in the house while it is being heated. This could potentially blow up the house! Beware of companies that use a gas heating method, because they generally on have only one (1) heater they move from room to room after just one hour. Bed Bug Guys use 10 electrical heating systems, that is completely safe! The Bed Bug Guys also have the best warranty in the industry! We offer...

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Bed Bug Epidemic Discussed in Denver

Bed Bug Epidemic Discussed in Denver 500 of the industry’s leading Bed Bug professionals met in Denver, Colorado in the beginning of December, 2013. The big discussion question posed to all attendees was “Are we making progress?” The answer was yes and no. Since bed bugs re-emerged in large numbers in the mid-2000s until today, great strides have been made in better understanding bed bug biology and behavior. Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) have also experienced success by refining training, policies and procedures and introducing new and innovative Bed Bug products. However, the cases of bed bug infestations remain the number 1 problem for many PMPs. A survey was given to group of PMPs in 2010 that 76% responded that bed bugs were THE most difficult pest to control. The survey was repeated again in 2013, and again, 76% responded that bed bugs were STILL THE most difficult pest to control and were also being found in more non-residential areas. The survey asked only one question; “Where have you found bed bugs?”* Hotels/motels – 75 percent (67 percent) +8 percent College dorms – 47 percent (35 percent) +12 percent Nursing homes – 46 percent (25 percent) +21 percent Office buildings – 36 percent (18 percent) +18 percent Schools and day care centers – 41 percent (10 percent) +31 percent Hospitals – 33 percent (12 percent) +21 percent Transportation (train/bus/taxi) – 21 percent (9 percent) +12 percent Movie theaters – 10 percent (4 percent) +6 percent If you are concerned about bed bugs, don’t worry; just hurry and call the “Bed Bug Guys” today. The Bed Bug Guys are the perfect choice when choosing someone to exterminate your bed bug infestation for good with just one treatment, THEY GUARANTEE IT. They are excellent in the detection and monitoring of bed bugs. The “Bed Bug Guys” are honest, offer free estimates, and prompt and professional service. Most bedbug treatments are completed in less than 48 hours of your first call! The Heat Treatments performed by the “Bed Bug Guys” have the INDUSTRIES BEST SUCCESS RATE and is backed by a 60 day “bed bug free” guarantee! The “Bed Bug Guys” offer 100% Pesticide Free Bed Bug Treatments, unlike the competition which use...

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Bed Bug Exterminators

The “Bed Bug Guys” offers Heat Treatments, the Pesticide Free Solution to your Bed Bugs Why You Need to Hire the “Bed Bug Guys”  Discreet unmarked trucks and uniforms, only you know why we are here  Professional we Kill all your BED BUGS Guaranteed and that’s all We DO  Bed Bug Specialist, all we do is Exterminate Bed Bugs  Longest & Best Guarantees in the entire Industry 60 days to 6 months  Fast Service, REALLY FAST SERVICE 48 hours or Less  We Do All the Preparation Work for YOU, eliminating the #1 Cause for Treatment Failure  Pesticide Free Solution to Bed Bugs, the competition uses PESTICIDES (Nerve Toxin) with all their Heat Treatments, just ask them.. We are still BETTER, WE GUARANTEE IT!  Highest Success Rate in the entire Industry,; we Guarantee it, with the Longest and Best Warranty in the Entire Industry Our Warranty takes the risk out of hiring a Bed Bug Exterminators Call the “Bed Bug Guys” today 612-267-0335 or visit us at...

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