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Why Hire Us

Pesticide and Chemically Free Treatments Zone

Top 10 Reasons to Hire the “Bed Bug Guys”

  1. 60 day guarantee to be bed bug free
  2. We do all the Preparation work For YOU
  3. We have very competitive prices
  4. We do not use Chemicals or Pesticides, We use Heat Treatments
  5. Bed Bugs Experts, all we do is Kill Bed Bugs for good
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  7. We use the best, most Efficient and safest way to remove Bed Bugs
  8. Highly qualified and trained technicians who specialize in bed bugs
  9. Discrete: Unmarked Vehicles and uniforms protecting YOU.
  10. Best service, best method, best guarantee in the entire industry!

Meeting Client - 2 - Bed Bug GuysFast Service, Really Fast service:  Free Quotes by phone simply by calling us today and all your Bed Bugs Exterminated in 48 Hours,  Wow, Now that is Really Fast Service.