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Really Fast Service, Heat Treatments, Detection, and  MonitoringThe Bed Bug Specialists,  we eliminate Bed Bugs for GOOD. Call today and have your Bed Bugs exterminated in less than 48 hours.  Our Heat Treatment Service is a Pesticide Free Solution to Your Bed Bug Problems; we Guarantee it, like nobody else! We are Bed Bug Experts using the Fastest, Safest and most Efficient way to exterminate Bed Bugs permanently!

Checking for Bed Bugs - Bed Bug GuysBest Warranty in the Entire Industry: We have some of the highest success rates in the entire industry allowing us to offer you the Best Warranty.

We have the longest warranty EVER; a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day Guarantee that you will be Bed Bug Free during the Warranty period. IF a live Bed Bug is PRESENT, we will come back and Re-Treat with Heat under Warranty (A Small Fee does apply).  Ask about our extended Warranties.

Pricing: Get a FREE Quote by simply calling 612-267-0335.  Our pricing is competitive. We will not lose an opportunity to serve you due to pricing. We believe in offering our clients a price structure that allows them to come out with great value.

Fast Service, Really Fast service:  Free Quotes by phone simply by calling us today and all your Bed Bugs Exterminated in 48 Hours,  Wow, Now that is Really Fast Service.