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Bed Bug Travel Tips

on Dec 30, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Happy Holidays!

According to AAA, 43.6 million Americans are planning to take to the roads, skies and railwaysbetween Nov. 21 and Nov. 25. The Federal Aviation Administration lists the nation’s 35 busiest airports, and 30 of those cities can be found on Orkin’s top 50 bed bug cities list. So try not to travel to these cities

“Based on the diversity of cities on the list, we all need to be very cautious when we travel—whether it is business or pleasure, or to visit family, friends or vacation. We need to be vigilant wherever we are and take the proper precautions.”

What makes it so difficult?  Bed bugs are the worlds greatest Hitch Hikers and it could take several days to weeks and even months before you notice you brought them home with you.  They will come into your home 2 WAYS—you or someone else: either directly on your clothes you are wearing or on something you bring into your home, Luggage, book bags, ect. and/ or  USED: books, furniture, couches, beds and/or ANYTHING.  They will not come from out side your house directly into your home on their own, they are transported in.
New research from the University of Minnesota has also suggested bed bugs are attracted to dirty clothes, so keep them in a sealed bag or container when you travel.

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