Hello folks,

I am Jeff, one of “The Bed Bug Guys” and we love killing Bed Bugs.

“The Bed Bug Guys” are a locally owned and operated business that specializes in exterminating Bed Bugs, with HEAT Treatments.  Bed Bug exterminating is all we do and are a very successful business, with hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the entire State of Minnesota and surrounding states. We use the best Equipment and Treatment process in America, HEAT. Heat is the NEW pesticide in eradicating Bed Bugs for GOOD and
NOBODY DOES IT BETTER than “The Bed Bug Guys”.  We are one of the very few companies nationwide NOT USING ANY TOXIC Pesticides (Nerve Poisons) during our Treatments.
We services Homes, Hotels, Dorms, Camps, Apartment, Retail, Condo’s and so much more.
You can be Bed Bug Free in 48 Hours by calling 612-267-0335 now.  Have all your Bed Bugs Dead in 48 hours, simply by calling “The Bed Bug Guys” TODAY.

We offer a 60 Day Guarantee you Will Be Bed Bug Free.   If you get Bed Bugs again in 60 days, we come back and re-treat with Heat.  This is simply the Best Warranty in the Entire Industry.

“The Bed Bug Guys” have almost 100% success rate in eradicating Bed Bugs using just HEAT TREATMENTS. That’s right; we have been able to eradicate all of our cooperating customers’ Bed Bug Problems.  Some of them have been battling those bothersome, blood sucking Pests for 6 months  – 2 years, causing high levels of Stress, Anxiety, Loss of Sleep and so much more.     Bed Bugs are the hardest pest to eradicate and require complete cooperation by all people involved for Heat Treatments to be successful.  That is why we do almost all the preparation work for you, not having you or your tenants responsible for a successful treatment.  In rare cases, a second heat treatment is required and that is why you want our 60 day warranty to be bed bug free.
Other companies using chemicals have been proven to be unsuccessful in exterminating Bed Bugs, only pushing Bed Bugs deeper into your homes structure and creating pesticide resistant Bed Bugs, making it even harder to kill them.
Very few companies use Heat Treatments, and the ones that do use heat use chemicals with ALL their Heat Treatments.  So if you want a Chemical Free Non Toxic Solution to your Bed Bug Problem, “The Bed Bug Guys” are your TOP CHOICE and maybe your ONLY CHOICE.
Our Great Success in eradicating your Bed Bug Infestation allows us to offer you the best Pricing, Service, Warranty and COMPLETE SATISFACTION.
We are the solution to your BED BUG PROBLEM:
Less Expensive – Our Prices generally beating our competition by 10-20%
Discreet – we show up in an unmarked vehicle
Faster – we start your job on time and within 48 hours
Trustworthy – we care about our customers and we are honest
Better – Do not Use Pesticides & we offer 30 Day Guarantee to be Bed Bug Free
Thorough/Complete – 100% Success Rate and we do almost all the Preparation work
We are proud to use a Safe and Effective Treatment, and be one of the only companies NOT USING TOXIC CHEMICALS to exterminate Bed Bugs.
Nobody is better suited to service you and your family’s needs.
Call “The Bed Bug Guys” today 612-267-0335
If you just want to find out more Visit our Web Page at www.thebedbugguys.biz

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