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Bedbugs DIY methods don’t really work…

on Jan 9, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Bedbugs DIY methods don’t really work…

The best way to prevent bed bug infestations (or at least stopping them early) is to be watchful and mindful of your habits and Bed Bugs behavior. That means saving you MONEY! There are many DIY Bedbug methods that are advertised to help, but don’t really get the job done, even worse they only end up costing you more money. Bed bug populations are growing increasingly resistant to pesticides, especially those Bedbug Pesticides available to the general public, meaning YOU. Some people have also tried a DIY commercial blend of essential oils which, during clinical tests, did kill 92 percent of bed bugs tested, but that was without offering them blood. When another group was tested with the oils, and allowed to feed, they all survived. There is also no research proving the effectiveness of ultrasonic bedbug-repelling devices, probably because they do not work.

There are many DIY methods to control and/or decrease your bed bug problem, but they will not get rid of them entirely. Using a bug-blocking mattress casing could work, but you have to make sure there are no tears or holes. Washing and drying your clothes in hot water/high temperatures will kill any bed bugs that may be on them, but won’t take care of the infestation. Steaming and vacuuming areas in your home will also help decrease the number of bugs; but again, don’t get rid of the infestation. If you want complete bed bug extermination with a guarantee, call the “Bed Bug Guys” for really fast service.

DIY might work to control and/or decrease the number of bed bugs, but you will need to contact a professional for complete eradication of them. The “Bed Bug Guys” offer quick responses, thorough work and are very DESCREET. They give you a free estimate over the phone and will even come to your home to verify pricing and Bed Bug identification. They are so good, they offer the Industry’s Best Guarantee; a 60 day warranty to be Bed Bug Free, or they will retreat with HEAT. Also, they offer you a pesticide free solution by using state of the art HEAT TREATMENT PROCESS that is guaranteed to kill any bed bugs and eggs that are in your home in just 1 treatment.

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