We take the risk out of hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator
Fast Service, Really Fast service: Your Job Completed in 48 Hours
Pesticide and Chemically Free   •   60 Day Guarantee to be Bed Bug Free

Who Should I Hire to Exterminate Bed Bugs

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Why You Need to Hire the “Bed Bug Guys”

Heat Treatments, the Pesticide Free Solution to your Bed Bugs

Why You Need to Hire the “Bed Bug Guys”


Ø  Discreet  unmarked trucks and uniforms, only you know why we are here

Ø  Professional  we Kill all your BED BUGS Guaranteed  and that’s all We DO

Ø  Bed Bug Specialist, all we do is Exterminate Bed Bugs

Ø  Longest & Best Guarantees in the entire Industry 60 days to 6 months

ØFast Service, REALLY FAST SERVICE    48 hours or Less

ØWe Do All the Preparation Work for YOU, eliminating the #1 Cause for Treatment Failure

ØPesticide Free Solution to Bed Bugs, the competition uses PESTICIDES (Nerve Toxin) with all their Heat Treatments, just ask them.. We are still BETTER, WE GUARANTEE IT!

Ø  Highest Success Rate in the entire Industry,; we Guarantee it, with the Longest and Best Warranty in the Entire Industry

Our Warranty takes the risk out of hiring

 Bed Bug Exterminators

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