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Freezing bedbugs

This isn’t cool: Freezing bedbugs may not kill them after all Researchers found the bed bugs have a high cold tolerance, beyond the normal freezing point 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C. They concluded that a minimum exposure of 80 hours at 3.2 degrees F (-16 degrees C) was needed to kill 100 percent of the bed bugs. Some bed bugs could survive short-term exposure to temps as low as -13 degrees F (-25 degrees C). Temperatures of -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C) could destroy them in 48 hours. The researchers suggested placing items in plastic bags and putting them into your freezer. This is not realistic or easy to do for most items in your home, so heat is going to be your best option. The “Bed Bugs Guys” think Heat Treatments are your only option and offer a guaranteed pesticide free solution to all your bed bug problems. Their heat treatment is so effective, they offer the best guarantee in the entire Industry, a 60 day warranty you’ll be bed bug free. It is much easier and more effective to heat your home to 135 degrees F (57.2 degrees C) than it would be to lower the temperature to 3.2 degrees F (-16 degrees C). The Bed Bug Guys are also able to treat your home in about 8 hours with heat, versus the 80 hours of cold suggested in this article. Click HERE for the full...

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