The good news about Bed Bugs is that they do not TRANSMIT any human diseases, BUT HAVE BEEN KNOW TO CARRY UP TO 32 DISEASES; with SARS being the newest and most dangerous Bed Bug Scare. Bedbugs are known to crawl quite a distance at nighttime in search of food, but they do not fly. According to the CDC, they can travel more than 100 feet in a night looking for food HUMAN BLOOD, following Heat and CO2. But they tend to live within 6- 8 feet of their FOOD source, where people sleep . Bed Bugs are in Hiding their whole life, unless breeding or feeding. In some instance they are sick and dying that is why you see them during day light. Their favorite places to hide, usually mattress seams, headboards, inside box springs, Couches, wooden bed frames, furniture (nightstands, dressers, chairs), and photo frames are common hiding areas for bedbugs during the day time. But they can also hide under electrical plates, TV’s, baseboards, around door and window casings, stereo speakers, curtain folds, and so on. Bed Bugs love all electrical devices because it provides the optimal temperatures and hiding spots. Electrical devices cannot be treated with Pesticides because of damage that will be caused, making Heat the Best way to treat all electrical devices.

This makes it very difficult to control bedbugs. Most common telltale signs of bedbugs found around the hiding areas include its molted skin castings, live eggs, rusty blood colored spots, black waste spots, and the presence of a sweet musty odor.