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According to a very recent published study, Bed Bugs, through a use of molecular tricks, have adapted to insecticides in a multiple of ways. Synthetic organic compounds known as Pyrethoids have now met their match. Bed Bugs have developed a biological system that renders death by poison impossibility. After a study of 21 populations collected from around the US, genes that have been recently developed have been discovered that protect Bed Bugs from Pyrethoids. Professor Palli, a professor entomology from the University of Kentucky in the US and an author of the study has publicly stated “The best option now is to heat the place up to 90-100F (30-35C) so that the bugs will come out and die”.

Bed Bugs Guys, the leader in Heat Treatment in Minnesota and upper Midwest has one of the best success rates and reputations in the field. They offer a BED BUG FREE 30 day warranty, which can be extend to 180 day warranty, just ask for details today. This is Simply the Best and Longest Warranty in the entire Industry.

Today’s Bed Bugs simply won’t die when just being sprayed”. “This is an epidemic and is only getting bigger by the year. Over the years Bed Bugs have been becoming more and more resistant to all pesticides and specifically Pyrethroids base insecticides. Today’s Bed Bugs don’t even budge when they are sprayed with insecticides, actually a recent study By Dr. Kells from U of M submerged a live bed bug in pesticides and watched it live and lay eggs for 5 days before dying. I have always done heat treatment and it appears that my methodology of dealing with these insects is the only real way to kill them for Good.

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