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Bed Bug Feeding Habits

Typically, a Bed Bug will feed for 3 to 10 minutes and return back every 5 to 10 days, DEPENDING ON AIR TEMPERATURE, PESTICIDE USE, ALCOHOL CONSUMED BY THE FOOD SOURCE (YOU) AND POSSIBLY MEDICATION BEING TAKING. As temperature raises Bed Bug feeding increases and the opposite occurs as temperature decreases, Bed Bug Feeding slows down. Temperatures below 50 will slow and may stop bedbug feeding . As temperatures keep falling, bed bugs go into a dorm-ate state; Like Bears do. Bedbugs will become active as temperatures rise above 50 and start to feed again. People may notice the symptoms of an attack on their skin after a day or two, with small bite marks, reddish swellings, and itching. For some people, it may take longer, up to 2 weeks in rare cases, for symptoms to appear. Remember everybody response differently to Bed Bug Bites, about 25% of all people do not respond and people over 65 it is as high as 50% of people do not respond.