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Bed Bug Eggs

Bedbugs can go through a generation, Life Cycle, in about 5 to 6 weeks up to several months. However, they can live for many months to a year without feeding, in one (1) experiment Bed Bugs lasted 16 months. Under warm conditions (70°F) up-to (90°F) , a healthy well-fed female bedbug can lay about 500 eggs in her lifetime at a pace of 2-8 eggs a day, and the eggs can hatch in about 6 to 14 days. Her favorite place to lay eggs is on wood, the eggs are glued, making it easy to hide them. Eggs are a huge portion of an infestation, around 60% of an infestation. As the eggs hatch what comes out is a nymph, the nymphs undergo 5 stages of molting to reach adult stage, and for each stage they need to FEED ON BLOOD, YOU. Now at adult hood they start to breed FAST. Bedbugs multiply so fast that in about 8-10 weeks there is over 20,000 and after 1 year 250,000 of those Blood Sucking Pest. Under circumstances where no human hosts are available, they can feed on pets.