We take the risk out of hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator
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Pesticide and Chemically Free   •   60 Day Guarantee to be Bed Bug Free

60 Day Warranty


The Heat Treatment Expert and we Guarantee our Heat Treatment Service and Your Satisfaction,you will be Bed Bug Free.

We offer one of the Longest and Best Guarantees/Warranty in the Industry; you will be Bed Bug Free for 60 days. If our Heat Treatment Process did not work and you have Live Bed Bugs with in the 60 day warranty period of your initial Heat Treatment, we will come back and Re-Treat if needed with Heat for a small fee, startingas low as $300. Also, we can and will apply a Chemical Spray Treatment too, for Free if needed.

Remember the most important thing when you hire a Bed Bug Exterminator is what kind of guarantee/warranty they offer. Also, if they will put it in writing, then comeback and honor it, if needed!

Ask for Extended warranties lasting up to 6 months

GUARANTEE &WARRANTY is 60 Days from date of initial Heat Treatment service providing proper preparation and follow up procedures are followed. All schedules will be maintained based on a “weather permitting” scenario.

All work performed under this contract shall be substantially completed in a workmanlike manner in accordance with standard practices in our Industry. For all Guarantee/Warranty Heat Treatments within 60 days of original Heat Treatment, an extra (starting at) $300 Fee, above the original Contract Price, per Heat Treatment will be applied.

Some restrictions do apply, just ask for details. Ask for Extended warranties lasting up to 6 months

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 Taking the Risk out of Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator

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